Consumers associations reassured of the reliability of water meters after visiting SOCA

Consumers associations reassured of the reliability of water meters after visiting SOCA

In the vision of a policy of bringing together consumers of drinking water production services, the Water Supply Company of Côte d’Ivoire (Sodeci) opened on December 13, 2017, the doors of its assembly plant and meter refurbishment to consumer associations.

This visit of the premises of the Company of the African counters (Soca), located in industrial zone of Yopougon was it, on the instruction of the Minister of Economic Infrastructures, Dr Amédé Koffi Kouakou. And this, at the occasion of his press conference presenting the « Water for All » program, held on September 15th. Where, these representatives of consumer associations expressed their reservations, as to the results of the cold water meter verification, to which, they say not to be associated.

Thus, together with the Director General of the National Office of Drinking Water (Onep), Berte Ibrahiman and that of Sodeci, Eba Basile, these consumer associations visited the facilities of this plant.

At the end of the visit, their spokesperson Doukoua Godé, president of the National Federation of Consumers’ Associations of Côte d’Ivoire said: « We are satisfied and reassured both in the assembly and in the process of repairing old counters. We had doubts. But we realized that this is a whole new system that is put back inside the case as part of the meter repair « . The CEO of Sodeci has invited all consumers to trust water meters.

For his part, the Director General of ONEP, Berté Ibrahiman welcomed this tour, « which allowed consumers to immerse themselves in nature meters, all the elements that compose them, and the system set up for billing « . « It is part of the fight against dear life, » he said. Before indicating that the offices of Onep and those of Sodeci remain open to consumers to receive their various claims.

Berté Ibrahiman also reminded all consumers that Onep now has a relationship with consumers Center (CRC) reached at 22514700 or by e-mail, / callcenter @ onepci .net. He said the center is attentive to drinking water users. Notably, in terms of unsatisfied claims by Sodeci, failure of drinking water supply systems, water quality issues. This center also allows you to benefit from personalized advice regarding the use of drinking water at home, etc.

In the name of Souleymane Diarrassouba, the Minister of Commerce, Crafts and Promotion of SMEs, the director of metrology, control, quality and the repression of frauds, Yapi Georges Kouassi indicated that an adopted law in 2016, this department is responsible for ensuring the reliability of water meters and imposing sanctions on both sides.

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