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Established by Decree? 2006-274 of August 23rd, 2006, The National office of the Drinking water ( ONEP) is a Company(Society) of State governed by the law n°97-5l9 of September 4th, 1997, with a capital of 150 million FCFA and subjected(submitted) to the uniform Act carrying(wearing) organization of trading companies and economic interest group of the OHADA.

THE ONEP has for object to bring to the State and to the regions with a measure of autonomy its assistance(audience) to assure(insure) the access to the drinking water to the whole population as well as the asset management public and deprived of the State in the sector of the drinking water.

THE ONEP is placed under the technical supervision(guardianship) of the Ministry of the Economic Infrastructures and the financial supervision(guardianship) of the Ministry of Finance.