For its operation, ONEP has a Board of Directors of 07 members from the ministries that constitute the stakeholders of drinking water. This board of directors was appointed by decree n ° 2013-24 of 10 January 2013 appointing the members of the Board of Directors of the National Office of Drinking Water, abbreviated ONEP. It is made up of the following members:

  • Mr. KOUAKOU-HABONOUAN Louis, President of the Board of Directors of ONEP, representing the President of the Republic;
  • Mr. BRAGORI Sahansui Kouamé Marcellin, representing the Prime Minister;
  • Mr. TCHIMOU N’GBOCHO Lucien, representing the Minister responsible for Hydraulics;
  • Mr. CISSE Boubakar, representing the Minister responsible for Planning and Development;
  • Mr. YAPO Akpess Bernard, representing the Minister responsible for the Economy and Finance;
  • Mrs. Nasséré KABA, representing the Minister responsible for the Environment;
  • Madame KOUASSY Edith Clarisse, representing the Minister of Health and Public Hygiene;
  • Mr. OSSEY Brou Norbert, representing the Secretary of State to the Prime Minister in charge of the Budget and the State Portfolio;

ONEP is headed by a Director-General assisted by a Deputy Director-General. It is structured in two poles:
A business unit consisting of the following Directions:

  • The Development, Studies and Works Department (DDET) with the main missions of studies, planning and monitoring of works,
  • The Operations and Quality Control Department (DCEQ) with the essential mission of monitoring licensed operations and monitoring the integrity of the assets,
  • The Directorate of Rural and Peri-urban Hydraulics (DHRP) with the main mission of developing hydraulics in rural areas and in peri-urban districts.
  • The Directorate of Water Resources (DRE) main mission is to ensure the maintenance and maintenance of a water resources management system, develop and execute plans for research and exploration of water resources; choose and determine the conditions for exploiting water resources; define the protection measures and conditions and ensure compliance with the said measures and conditions.

A financial center made up of the following departments

  • The Directorate of Supply and Markets Logistics (DLAM) which has the essential role of procurement and monitoring of contracts
  • The Administrative and Financial Department (DAF) which ensures the financial and administrative management of ONEP.

ONEP is structured so that a management is not at the beginning and at the end of a process, which is in itself a guarantee of transparency.
ONEP is animated by men and women of very extensive experience in the drinking water sector and in the management of public services.