Inauguration of the water tower in the village of Dondi

Inauguration of the water tower in the village of Dondi

On Saturday January 11, 2020, was held the inauguration of the water tower of the village of Dondi, village in the N’Da canton in the sub-prefecture of Diégonefla located 13 km from the sub-prefecture and 30 km from the chief – place of department of Oumé, by the Prime Minister, Amadou Gon Coulibaly.

And this in the presence of the Minister of Hydraulics, Laurent Tchagba, the Secretary General of the Presidency, Patrick Achi, of Touré Mamadou, Minister of Youth and Youth Employment, Deputy Government Spokesman, Myss Belmonde Dogo, Secretary of State to the Minister of Women, Family and Children, responsible for the Empowerment of Women and Mr. ASSI Jean-Luc, Deputy Director General of the National Office of Drinking Water, the linchpin of this great action.

More than an ordinary ceremony, it was a great moment of sharing and strong emotion in the locality of Dondi which hosted the work with a capacity of 100m3, the fruit of the Presidential Emergency Program (PPU).

The Prime Minister did not fail to make it known that it is within the framework of the operationalization of the Social Program of the Government (PSGOUV), which emphasizes drinking water, that Dondi and its surroundings were able to benefit of this water tower.

The Minister in charge of Hydraulics, Laurent Tchagba announced that the water tower which has a capacity of 100 m3 on a height of 15 meters is a work which will allow despite the demographic growth to the 6500 inhabitants and their future offspring to benefit from drinking water until 2030.

According to him, this first phase of the operation to cover drinking water in the area which has just ended with the construction of the water tower cost 315 million FCFA and there remains the channeling phase of the two other villages as promised by the representative of the Head of State, His Excellency Amadou Gon Coulibaly to complete this project which revolves around 500 million FCFA.

As a reminder, nearly seven (7) billion CFA francs were invested in the Goh region, to supply 108 localities with drinking water.

Other investments totaling thirty-nine billion (39,000,000,000) CFA francs for 27 localities are underway and more than three billion (3,000,000,000) CFA francs in investments, for 9 localities are in prospect to definitively settle the water problems in this region.

In rural areas, 839 pumps are being repaired under the PSGOUV, hydraulic component.

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