The CEO of ONEP launches work to secure the catching fields of Niangon 1 and 2.

The CEO of ONEP launches work to secure the catching fields of Niangon 1 and 2.

The Niangon 1 and 2 catchment fields, located after the Gesco corridor, have long been subject to flooding during the rainy seasons. A worrying situation for the high hierarchy of the drinking water sector, who were working on it as part of a lasting solution. Today, it is done.

Accompanied by a delegation made up of the Director of Operations, Control and Quality, Mr. BOUAFOU Eugène, the Technical Adviser, Mr. KOUADIO Delphin, the Director General of ONEP, Mr. Ibrahiman BERTE launched the works of construction of stormwater drainage works on Tuesday, August 16, 2022 on said site in Gesco. This work will lead to the construction of a tunnel under the northern highway to channel runoff water, in order to protect the catchment fields. In the state, we are witnessing the abandonment of at least five boreholes in the rainy season, the transport of sand, and the rapid deterioration of the access road.

The aim of this project, dear to ONEP and even to the Ivorian Government, is to find adequate solutions to the problems of securing hydraulic structures, using modern techniques. Because, as the Director General of ONEP, Mr. Ibrahiman BERTE, said, the availability of drinking water in households is ONEP's raison d'être and this requires functional hydraulic infrastructures.

The first official of the Office did not fail to transmit, moreover, the encouragement of the Minister of Hydraulics, Sanitation and Health, Mr. Bouaké FOFANA, to the teams present, for the work done since the month of February 2022.

Addressing the populations, the DG urged them to respect the safety perimeters of hydraulic structures, in order to avoid their pollution which leads to the stopping of certain drillings, thus causing water shortages in certain municipalities.


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