Minister Bouaké FOFANA meets the drinking water needs of 2,500 households

Minister Bouaké FOFANA meets the drinking water needs of 2,500 households

The populations of the Mossikro Santé 3 sub-district of the commune of Attécoubé welcomed the Minister of Hydraulics, Sanitation and Health, Mr. Bouaké FOFANA as part of the implementation of the Improvement project Technical and Financial Performance (APTF).

 On Friday, December 23, 2022, the Minister handed over 2,500 meters to households in the said sub-district to facilitate their access to drinking water. In addition to urging the beneficiaries to make good use of it, Minister Bouaké FOFANA has sensitized the populations to clean up their living environment. To this end, he proceeded to the delivery of health equipment to them. Because, he said, water and sanitation go together. The representative of the mayor and the president of the young people expressed their joy and consider this act as a beautiful end-of-year gift. They expressed their gratitude to the Minister and said a big thank you to the President of the Republic, HE Mr. Alassane OUATTARA.

This ceremony of social scope saw a strong presence of ONEP officials, including the Director General, Mr. Ibrahiman BERTE, the Deputy Director General, Mrs. Nabintou CISSE, the Director of Projects, Mr. Adama IDO and the Project Manager , Mr. DJAHA Nestor and those of SODECI.

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