A delegation from ONEP at the Golf Hotel

A delegation from ONEP at the Golf Hotel

A delegation from ONEP made up of Mr. Amichia Michel, financial adviser to the CEO, Mr. Dembélé, head of the state water expenditure department, Ms. Djédjé Virginie, head of the administrative and commercial control department, Ms. Konan Renée, project manager and Mrs. N'cho Aïda in charge of communication went on Thursday, March 27, 2014 to the Golf Hotel.
Indeed, invited by Mr. Coulibaly Nanguin President of the Environment and Sustainable Development Committee of the Golf Hotel (CEDD-GH), this is the first time that a structure has invited ONEP to raise awareness among its staff on good practices for the use some water. This conference was moderated by Mr. Dembélé, followed by interventions by Mr. Amichia, Ms. Konan, and Ms. Djédjé Virginie. The theme developed by Mr. Dembélé was “Consequence of water wastage and good practices”.

In summary, after the screening of ONEP's corporate film and a PowerPoint presentation given by Mr. Dembélé, this conference made the staff of the Golf Hotel aware of the fact that water is a rare and limited resource, it has a high cost of production. The pricing of drinking water is scalable according to the quantity of drinking water used. Every liter of drinking water is taxed, so every drop of wasted drinking water is expensive. Anti-waste advice has been given, for example, in the kitchen it is better to defrost meat in the open air rather than under water.
When it comes to the bathroom, taking a shower is more economical than taking a bath. In the laundry room it is better to fill the washing machine well than to run it half full. In the garden it is necessary to put plants that do not consume much water. For car washing it is better to use a bucket of water and soap instead of the garden hose.

A question and answer session with the staff of the Golf Hotel took place. Ms. Djédjé took the floor to explain that good behavior with water will make it easier for them to keep their jobs.
The technical director of the Golf Hotel intervened to tell the agents to come quickly to report water leaks or breakdowns, and he added that if you reduce water costs you save money for accounting. . He made the room staff aware not to flush the toilet several times for a small insect seen in the WC.
Finally, Mr. Dembélé has developed a strategy to combat water waste. The Golf Hotel closed this moment with a lunch in its garden.

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