The localities of Darala and Kafoudougou now have their water tower

The localities of Darala and Kafoudougou now have their water tower

On Saturday January 25, 2020, the Minister of Hydraulics and the Minister of African Integration and Ivorians from outside proceeded with the inauguration of the water tower of the localities of Darala and Kafoudougou in the department of Dabakala.
This castle is located between these two villages, in reinforced concrete of 50 m3, on a height of 15 m for an amount of FCFA 295 million.
Indeed, this castle will supply more than 4,500 people until 2040.
Many people went out to welcome their new water tower.
For Laurent Tchagba, president of the ceremony, the realization of this work is a proof of the commitment of the President of the Republic, Alassane Quattara to be at the side of his brave Ivorian populations in order to improve their living conditions.
Thanks to this castle, it’s the end of women’s ordeal, no more fighting in the rare water points shared with the oxen, no more water-borne diseases.
The Director General of the National Office for Drinking Water (ONEP), Mr. BERTE Ibrahiman also took part in this ceremony.
In addition, the spokesperson of the beneficiaries, Siaka Traoré expressed his gratitude to the Head of State who made the supply of water, one of the priorities of his social policy, a fundamental right.

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