The Water Quality Analysis and Control Laboratory Department (DLACQUE)

The Water Quality Analysis and Control Laboratory (LACQUE) of the National Office for Drinking Water (ONEP) is a tool for decision-making and strategic orientation in the water supply sector. Drinking Water Supply.

This decision-making having to be based on a factual approach, and given the importance of ensuring the reliability of data from the laboratory, the latter is committed to a quality approach and has adopted a Quality Management System. the quality.

LACQUE has two departments: Microbiology and Physico-Chemistry. The laboratory facilities have been established according to the standards in force and fitted out for flexibility and ergonomics of work. LACQUE also has logistical means adapted to sampling missions and their constraints and a multidisciplinary team, experienced in the assessment of risks related to water quality.

Our Fields of Intervention

Groundwater (boreholes, human-powered pumps, etc.)

Surface water (rivers, reservoirs, etc.)

Drinking water supply network waters

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(+225) 27 22 51 07 30   
(+225) 27 22 51 07 31 
(+225) 01 02 53 50 59 


Writing in the laboratory (LACQUE)

II Plateaux Vallon Rue J93

Mon – Fri: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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