Financial resources come from:

  • Mainly:
    – delegated project management and project management;
    -the Water Development Fund (FDE);
    – the National Water Fund (FNE),
  • Exceptionally :
    – balance subsidies for investments;
    – grants from national or international public or private bodies;
    – proceeds from its movable or immovable property, proceeds from loans made under the agreements provided for in the texts in force;
    – revenue from rights and royalties of any kind, the collection of which will have been duly authorized from users by the government;
    -donations and legacies;
    – any other extraordinary resources.


Since the launch of the National Human Hydraulics Program in 1973, many investments have been made to meet the drinking water needs of the population. To achieve the objectives of “Water for All” by 2025, funding needs are estimated at 1,868 billion Francs CFA.

  • Over the period 2011 – 2020, 604 billion Francs CFA were mobilized and made it possible to complete projects to the tune of 304 billion Francs CFA whose 232 billion Francs CFA for the Autonomous District of Abidjan alone.
  • Projects and work in progress amount to 300 billion Francs CFA.


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