Pour son fonctionnement l’ONEP s’est doté d’un Conseil d’Administration de 08 membres issus des Ministères qui constituent les parties prenantes de l’eau potable. Ce Conseil d’Administration a été nommé par décret N°2013-24 du 10 janvier 2013 portant désignation des membres du Conseil d’Administration de l’Office National de l’Eau Potable. Il est constitué des membres suivants :

KOUAKOU-HABONOUAN LOUIS, Président du Conseil d’Administration, représentant le Président de la République ;
MME CORALIE SISSOKO Epse TAILLY , représentant le Premier Ministre ;
KONE Aboubacar Sidiki, représentant le ministère de l’Hydraulique, de l’Assainissement et de la Salubrité ;
VASSOGBO Bamba, représentant le Ministère de l’Economie et des Finances ;
MME.COULIBALY Vallet Françoisereprésentant le Ministère du Budget et du Portefeuille de l’Etat ;
M.OUATTARA Aboubacar, représentant le ministère du Plan et du Développement ;
M.KOUADIO Kouakou Parfait, représentant le ministère de l’Environnement et du Développement Durable ;
MME.KOUASSY Edith Clarisse, representing the Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene.
ONEP is headed by a Director General assisted in his duties by a Deputy Director and attached services. It is structured in two poles:

L’ONEP est structuré en deux (2) pôles :

1- The technical center

  • The Department of Studies and Planning (DEP)
    It has several missions, including the planning of the development of human hydraulics throughout the national territory and the realization or monitoring of the realization of all studies in the hydraulic field.
  • The Operations and Assets Control Department (DCEP)
    Its main role is to control the quality of the public drinking water service provided by the delegates, and must also ensure the satisfaction of subscribers.
  • The Projects Department (DP)
    Its main mission is to manage all projects (cost, time, quality and risks) in conjunction with the teams dedicated to the projects and the departments involved in the process.
  • The Water Quality Analysis and Control Laboratory Department (DLACQUE)
    Its main mission is to control the quality of the water distributed to subscribers of the public drinking water service, and of the water resources intended for the drinking water supply of the populations. 
  • The Directorate for the Mobilization and Protection of Water Resources (DMPRE)
    Its main mission is to maintain a management system for existing water resources that are exploited or that can be exploited throughout the territory, as well as the organization of the protection and securing of water catchment sites.

2- The administrative and financial center

  • The Finance and Accounting Department (DFC)
    Its main role is to ensure the financial and accounting management of investments in the drinking water sector.
  • The Department of Logistics, Procurement and Markets (DLAM)
    Its essential role is the awarding and monitoring of contracts as well as the management of logistics and supplies.
  • The Human Resources Department (HRD)
    Its main role is to define HR strategy and policy according to the strategic objectives of the company (recruitment, administration, remuneration, training, GPEC, working conditions, social and health policies, staff evaluation, gender management, etc. ).
  • The Audit and Quality Department (DAQ)
    Its essential role is to ensure that the processes necessary for ONEP's quality management system are established, implemented, monitored and improved. 
  • The Legal Affairs Department (DAJ)
    Its essential role is to ensure compliance with legal rules by the company in the context of its activities.
    Develop, monitor and participate in the development of all regulatory texts or legal acts. Manage any litigation involving ONEP.
  • The Department of Social Connections and Regional Representation (DBSRR)
    Its main role is to ensure the implementation of the social policy of access to drinking water of the State of Côte d'Ivoire and its effectiveness.

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