Drinking water supply: Minister Laurent TCHAGBA visits water treatment plants in Abidjan

Drinking water supply: Minister Laurent TCHAGBA visits water treatment plants in Abidjan

From May 07 to 09, 2020, the drinking water treatment plants of Niangon Nord 1 and 2, Filtisac, Djibi, Akandjé 1 and 2, Abatta, Saint Viateur and Riviera Center, were visited by the Minister of Hydraulics Laurent TCHAGBA, in the presence of the Director General of ONEP. These visits enabled the Minister to ensure the proper functioning of the strategic drinking water production sites in Greater Abidjan. According to him, all measures have been taken to minimize water cuts as much as possible. "The production of water is carried out continuously," explained the Minister of Hydraulics. Most of the water cuts observed are due to electricity interruption problems. To remedy this problem, the Minister said that in agreement with his colleague from Energy, the various water stations have been equipped with generators which take over immediately in the event of a power cut.

Minister TCHAGBA did not fail to congratulate the National Office for Drinking Water-ONEP which strictly complies with the instructions given in the framework of the capacity building of the stations and the settlement of channeling problems. With the actions carried out by ONEP in the field, the commitments made will be respected, to the delight of the people of Abidjan who will benefit from the continuity of the drinking water service.

Faced with the galloping urbanization which threatens the safety of the catchment fields, Laurent TCHAGBA was more than formal: "at the level of all the factories in Greater Abidjan, we have strategic sites, where urbanization has already reached the catchment fields . But the provisions are taken by the Government, which has asked ONEP to carry out work in this direction, taking into account a security perimeter”. The Minister also indicated that drainage operations are carried out to prevent rainwater from flooding the boreholes.

He also clarified that for areas where it is difficult to have drinking water, the Government is making every effort to provide drinking water 24 hours a day.

Serving these areas without interruption requires “minor works”. The Minister explains that these include pipelines, with large diameter pipes, to allow water to circulate in abundance. In 2021, a project of 280 billion FCFA is planned in this direction.

Previous 155 sub-districts of Abidjan will be connected to the drinking water network

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